Devastation to Transformation (Book/DVD)

Multimedia Hardback Art Book and DVD

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About The Author

Hill (Fiona Dawn)

Lisbon (Monique)

Lisbon (Monique)

Monique Lisbon is a singer/songwriter, pianist, author and public speaker, with a special focus on finding hope in the ‘mess’ of life and faith. A survivor of child abuse, Monique has expressed much of her pain and the journey towards hope in her music and books. Monique's later creative works represent a new focus – moving towards a fulfilling future.

A resource for art therapy, counselling and recovery from trauma, Devastation to Transformation combines the art of Fiona Dawn Hill with the music of Monique Lisbon.

In her art, Fiona reflects on: the voicelessness of the abused; her experiences of disintegration of community networks; her diagnosis and treatment of aggressive cancer; and other family and life crises.

Monique’s music chronicles her own ongoing process of healing from childhood abuse, with its inherent challenges to a sense of self and identity.

This resource was originally published by Kaleidoscope Creations, a small enterprise focused on facilitating survivors of trauma in telling their stories of pain and hope through creative expression, sponsored by WellSpring Centre, with funding from a community engagement project grant by Baptcare.