Fragments of Home (Book/CD)

Piecing Life Together after Childhood Sexual Abuse

Multimedia production by author, musician and survivor/advocate

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About The Author

Lisbon (Monique)

Lisbon (Monique)

Monique Lisbon is a singer/songwriter, pianist, author and public speaker, with a special focus on finding hope in the ‘mess’ of life and faith. A survivor of child abuse, Monique has expressed much of her pain and the journey towards hope in her music and books. Monique's later creative works represent a new focus – moving towards a fulfilling future.

Fragments of Home: Piecing Life Together after Childhood Sexual Abuse is a unique resource by Monique Lisbon.

Seamlessly integrating autobiographical vignettes, theoretical reflections and original music, Fragments of Home explores a range of themes encountered by many adult survivors of childhood abuse.

Whilst it honestly and courageously enters challenging territory, Fragments of Home is ultimately an account of hope, healing and recovery.

It is a valuable resource for adult survivors of childhood abuse, as well as the therapists, pastoral workers, friends and family members caring for them.