Fragments of Home Multi-DVD resource set

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About The Author

Lisbon (Monique)

Lisbon (Monique)

Monique Lisbon is a singer/songwriter, pianist, author and public speaker, with a special focus on finding hope in the ‘mess’ of life and faith. A survivor of child abuse, Monique has expressed much of her pain and the journey towards hope in her music and books. Monique's later creative works represent a new focus – moving towards a fulfilling future.

Fragments of Home: Piecing Life Together after Childhood Sexual Abuse is a unique resource by Monique Lisbon.

Seamlessly integrating autobiographical vignettes, theoretical reflections and original music, Fragments of Home explores a range of themes encountered by many adult survivors of childhood abuse.

Whilst it honestly and courageously enters challenging territory, Fragments of Home is ultimately an account of hope, healing and recovery.

Fragments of Home is available as a multi-DVD resource set for use in facilitated group settings or for individual viewing.

The DVD set contains filmed footage of author Monique Lisbon engagingly presenting the book in thematic chapters, as well as 16 evocative and moving video slideshows set to the original songs from the Fragments of Home CD.

Forming the basis of a 20-session course (covering one semester), the DVDs are accompanied by a comprehensive Facilitator Handbook, Participant Handouts and a full-length CD of music.

This resource is especially suited to the following contexts, amongst others:

    • facilitated abuse recovery groups
    • women’s prison Christian fellowships
    • training and professional development in counselling/psychology, pastoral care, chaplaincy and spiritual direction
    • group therapy settings
    • other parachurch organisations
    • individual viewing on any DVD player
    • survivors of abuse and others who prefer to engage with the material by DVD rather than in book form