By Gracious Powers

Sermons and Papers by Ron Ham
with an Appreciation of His Life and Work

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About The Author

Pound (Geoff)

By Gracious Powers is a tribute and thanksgiving for the life of Rev. Ron Ham (1929-2015).

It contains words of remembrance and appreciation by those who knew and loved him, and were inspired by his life and teaching.

Chapters written by Ron on the art of preaching and listening to sermons are included, as well as sermons he preached at Collins Street, Ashburton and Footscray Baptist Churches, and Whitley College.

As Ron himself expressed: “I hope that what I write about preaching may also help those who listen to sermons. They are as important to the practice of preaching as those who prepare and preach sermons. I hope they may have reason to come expectantly to worship and in that expectation to become an inspiration and an aid to the preacher.” Whether your task is the vital work of preaching or the significant work of listening to sermons, this book comes with the hope that you will be enriched by the story and the thoughts of Ron Ham who accomplished so much ‘by gracious powers’.

By gracious powers so wonderfully sheltered
And confidently waiting, come what may,
We know that God is with us night and morning,
And never fails to meet us each new day.
(Dietrich Bonhoeffer)