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About The Author



Dia is a happy human, a contented mother, a passionate teacher, a lover of nature and everything beautiful. She is delighted to go the extra mile for others and grateful for His touch of goodness and for every person in her life. She is looking forward to new horizons. Dia, a variant of the spelling Diya, means ‘light’ in Sanskrit and some other languages. This is her pen name for the next season of her life.

As long as you are breathing, you can change your reality!

Know what you want to change …and focus on that aspect of your life.

This book will provide you with a framework to help in the process of aligning your thoughts, words and identity.

Come and frame your future from a place of coherence!

You are invited to become the most excellent version of who you are called to be!

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Dia wants this eBook to be readily available to everyone who may be helped by it. She doesn’t want cost to be a barrier to anyone seeking to access this eBook.

Hence, you can download the eBook at no cost (just enter ‘0’ when you are prompted to ‘Name Your Price’.

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