Matching Baggage

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Lisbon (Monique)

Lisbon (Monique)

Monique Lisbon is a singer/songwriter, pianist, author and public speaker, with a special focus on finding hope in the ‘mess’ of life and faith. A survivor of child abuse, Monique has expressed much of her pain and the journey towards hope in her music and books. Monique's later creative works represent a new focus – moving towards a fulfilling future.

The key to a successful romantic relationship is not finding someone with ‘no emotional baggage’… it’s finding someone with ‘MATCHING BAGGAGE’!

Matching Baggage is a collection of stories and songs by Monique Lisbon. It tells different sides of a familiar story – the struggle to find true and honest love. There’s:

  • humour and heartbreak
  • angst and anger
  • inspiration and intrigue
  • longing and love…

and finally… there’s:

  • matching baggage!”

Matching Baggage is available as both a stand-alone album of 11 songs, and now also available as a paperback book, telling the stories behind the tracks (paperback also includes downloadable MP3s of the album, featuring guest artist Judd Field).